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With open-source capabilities, and our advanced deployment platform.What will you build next?

Use case

Image and video generation

AI is revolutionising creativity, with image and video generation models transforming the creative industry. From automating design teams to enhancing film production, the impact is profound and widespread. Whether it's generating intricate designs or animating stories, AI is the new designer/artist on the block. Here’s a few use cases. What will you build next?

Use case hero image for Image and video generation

Instant media generation

Automate entire design teams

Streamline your creative process by fine-tuning image generation models to align with your brand's aesthetic. From letterheads to website visuals, harness AI to produce diverse assets efficiently, reducing overheads and fostering innovation across all sizes of companies. Embrace the future where AI is your virtual graphic designer, endlessly versatile and always on-brand.

Edit images and videos instantly

Image and video upscaling

AI brings new life to visuals, whether it's reviving old photographs, refining satellite imagery, or sharpening ultrasound images. This technology caters to diverse needs, from professional applications to personal projects. Get started by exploring the image and video enhancement models in our extensive library.

Breakdown complex documents and texts

Summarisation, text completion

The potential of pattern recognition models is endless. Beyond creating engaging QR codes, these models play a crucial role in content moderation and identifying specific plant or animal species. They also prove invaluable in medical diagnostics, enhancing the precision of ultrasound imaging and other medical evaluations.

company logo for is redefining storytelling in the metaverse with their innovative AI-powered platform. Utilizing Mystic AI's technology, they're crafting immersive narratives where virtual characters engage users in real-time, interactive dialogues. This collaboration exemplifies the transformative power of AI in enhancing storytelling and user experience in virtual worlds.

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