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Production-ready ML models for inference.

From standard language tasks to image processing, our model hub hosts a range of popular models to power your next ML app.












from pipeline import PipelineCloud

= PipelineCloud("YOUR_API_TOKEN")

# GPT-J Pipeline
model_id = "pipeline_d7502b78863744c495d7d22f321cf7ff"                          
query = "What is the distance between London and NYC?"

= api.run_pipeline(model_id, query)

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Serverless GPU for all your ML

We are here to make ML infrastructure easy

Instant infrastructure

Launch inference or training on cloud GPUs in the blink of an eye. Smart scaling will support your usage as it grows.

Fast and optimised API

Automatically get endpoints for any model or pipeline. You do the data science, our compute engine does the heavy lifting.

Serverless pricing

No quotas, no minimums, no hourly rental. We charge only for the milliseconds of GPU use your workload needs to complete.

Support from ML enthusiasts

Our team are knowledgeable and friendly. They’ll help you import models and maximise their performance. All within 24 hours, guaranteed.


Pricing for our Cloud

A single pricing for Pipeline Model Hub and all other Pipeline products.
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Start using our API with 10h in free credit and a 1 month free account access.
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Create an account and pay per millisecond of compute usage, only pay for the time the GPU processes your request.
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$2 per GPU hour

($0.00000056 per ms)

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