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About us: We take care of your ML infrastructure

At Mystic, we make it extremely easy to run AI models. We're revolutionizing the way you build with AI, making infrastructure concerns a thing of the past.

We understand that innovation in AI doesn't just hinge on crafting the perfect model. It's also about deployment, scalability, and speed. So why juggle between being a data scientist and a software engineer when you can excel at your core expertise? We take the hassle out of the equation, leaving you with the freedom to create.

Open-source models have democratized AI, but deploying them in real-world applications still presents challenges. Companies often face a dilemma: get locked into a single cloud provider's ecosystem or invest heavily in building a proprietary ML platform. Both routes demand time, resources, and specialized skill sets.

With Mystic's serverless API, we give you access to GPUs and CPUs to immediately run any AI model while paying only for the inference time. An extremely cost-effective way of running AI. Behind the scenes we are able to handle thousands of different models (each with its own environment) that require different distributing and scaling policies. This continuous usage leads to building an extremely robust ML platform that is suitable for hundreds of use-cases.

Our enterprise solution takes it a step further, we take this robust ML platform and deploy it on your own infrastructure so you can have the same seamless experience of running AI models but with maximum security and privacy.

Crafted by scientists, engineers and experts.

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