We make machine learning accessible for all. We are data engineers and software developers who want to demystify how to build scalable ML products. We provide tools, models and infrastructure-as-a-service that enable our customers to deliver robust, dynamic ML in an agile, 'low-code', cost effective way.

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Mystic is based in Bath, England


Built by world-class scientists and engineers.

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    Paul Hetherington

    Co-Founder, CEO

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    Oscar Rovira

    Co-Founder, CPO

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    Rosie Bennett


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    Alex Pearce

    VP Software

  • Adam Leith's photo

    Adam Leith

    Senior Frontend Engineer

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    Neil Wang

    Software Engineer

  • William Eliot's photo

    William Eliot

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Yvan Buggy's photo

    Yvan Buggy

    Full Stack Engineer

  • Ross Gray's photo

    Ross Gray

    Software Engineer

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    Mystic Louie


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