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The easiest way to get an API endpoint for any AI model on your own cloud

Bring your own cloud (BYOC) and enjoy seamless, secure, and scalable ML deployment

  • Bring your own credits

    Maximise your free cloud credits and instantly save on costs with our deployment platform

  • Fast and consistent performance

    Experience sub-35ms latency and software optimisations for peak performance.

  • Safe, secure and scalable

    Your data remains securely on your cloud, with auto-scaling tech adapting to traffic needs.

With Mystic AI you can instantly deploy ML on your own cloud in 3 simple steps

  • Authenticate your cloud

    Get started by authenticating your cloud on Mystic with just a few clicks.

    bring your own cloud diagram
  • Upload your pipelines

    Define the inputs to the endpoint, any pre-processing code, the inference pass, post-processing code and outputs to be returned back from the endpoint.

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    def foo(bar: str) -> str:
        return f"Input string: {bar}"
    with Pipeline() as builder:
        bar = Variable(str)
        output_1 = foo(bar)
    my_pipeline = builder.get_pipeline()"test")
  • Start sending requests

    Once your pipeline has been deployed, start sending inference requests using our API.

    curl -X POST '' 
      --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN' 
      --header 'Content-Type: application/json' 
      --data '{
        "pipeline": "YOUR_PIPELINE",
        "input_data": {}

Book a demo to see if our cloud integration is right for you.

Instantly deploy any ML model on your own cloud with Mystic AI.
Authenticate your cloud, upload your pipeline, and start sending inference requests using our API in seconds.

Why use Mystic to deploy ML on your own cloud?

Deploying ML to production is hard. With Mystic, you just have to authenticate your cloud, upload models via our SDK, and deploy effortlessly. We handle scaling, caching, GPU sharing, and spot instance management and all else.

    No kubernetes, no DevOps

    Simply authenticate, upload, and deploy — no complex setups or DevOps teams needed

Deploy any ML model on yourpreferred cloud in seconds

No more expensive DevOps teams, complex setups, or unreliable performance.
Authenticate your cloud account, upload your model, and leave the heavy-lifting to the experts.