The modular backend for all your AI deployments

A Python library to run and deploy models with speed, scale and high-throughput, anywhere.

Mystic works with Enterprises & Startups

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    Developers using our products

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    Pipelines and models deployed


Engineering Expertise Embedded into our Solutions

  • Devs and Startups
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    Jumpstart your ML projects with our Catalyst solution. This near-production API enables data scientists to deploy their models immediately and efficiently, reducing time-to-market and overall costs.

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  • Enterprise-grade
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    Years of expertise packaged under an easy-to-use platform to empower production-grade engineering for data scientists.

    Deploy ML pipelines anywhere with ultimate speed, high-throughput, and consistent performance across GPUs and CPUs in your preferred cluster—be it in the cloud, on-premises, or within a hybrid environment.

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Deploy your AI with Mystic

Secure, Scalable & Lightning-Fast

  • Secure by Design

    Mystic AI safeguards your sensitive data with robust encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring throughout the ML deployment process.

  • Seamless scalability

    Scale your AI initiatives with Mystic AI's cloud-agnostic, resource-efficient platform designed to support growing model volumes and user demands.

  • Ultra-Fast Performance

    Experience rapid ML model deployment and exceptional low-latency performance with Mystic AI's optimized infrastructure and processes.

Use Cases

Transforming Industries with AI

  • Quant Trading

    Mystic AI empowers financial institutions to harness the latest advancements in machine learning and deep learning, providing them with a competitive edge in their strategies. Our platform enables seamless leveraging of both CPUs and GPUs without the traditional engineering overheads, streamlining processes and enhancing decision-making capabilities.

  • Healthcare

    Mystic AI enables healthcare organisations to capitalise on the proven success stories of integrating AI into medical practices, leading to improved patient outcomes. Our platform ensures security, compliance, and data governance, enabling the safe deployment of ML systems across hospitals and cloud vendors without the engineering overheads. Experience the transformative power of AI in healthcare with Mystic AI.

  • Foundation Models

    Enterprises are eager to harness the potential of recent advancements in foundation models without compromising security and compliance. Mystic AI helps you swiftly deploy these models in-house, giving you full control over the data while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. Unleash the power of AI-driven language processing with Mystic AI.

Experience the power of instant engineering with Mystic

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